Udit Desai

I’m a software engineer specialized in building user interfaces and interested in designer-developer collaboration. I’m currently in my final year of computer engineering at the University of Toronto and I'll graduate in April 2022.

In the past:

  • Built the frontend for a project from the ground up at Sanctuary Computer
  • Developed prototypes, APIs, and UX principles for subscriptions at Shopify
  • Led development on websites for large and small clients alike with friends
  • Designed and built creative websites and tech curruiculum at HXOUSE
  • Organized hackathons and workshops to teach programming to fellow high school students at a non-profit I cofounded, Cipher


Besides work, I love watching and talking basketball, looking at clothes, reading about science and inspiring stories, and making smoothies.

Sanctuary Computer

I collaborated remotely with developers, designers, and strategists from across three studios (Sanctuary Computer, XXIX, and Manhattan Hydraulics) to build client and internal projects during the summer of 2021 as a software developer intern.

Work + learnings:

  • Developed an extensive functional component library and the overall frontend for a client project
  • Built features for the new product pages at index-space.org
  • Learned effective push-based communication, how to work with clients, and gained experience working in a decentralized and autonomous way
The most awesome team
Index product page
The most awesome team


I worked on the pre-purchase team during my 7 months at Shopify as a UX developer intern. We worked on the buyer-side experience for the highly-anticipated subscriptions feature.

Work + learnings:

  • Built new portions of Shopify themes to ideate and validate new Liquid APIs for selling plans (subscriptions)
  • Engineered improvements between products and variants on storefronts in scripts used by all first party Shopify themes
  • Collaborated extensively with designers to create buyer-facing user experience guidelines to be used by subscriptions apps on Shopify
  • Learned to be user-obsessed when making decsisions about the product
Subscriptions product page UX guidelines
Subscriptions launch
Subscriptions product page UX guidelines


HXOUSE is a non-profit organization founded by The Weeknd and La Mar Taylor to help foster and innovation and oppurtunity for creatives. I worked with a team of four developers to build projects and ideate plus propose a new tech-focussed curriculum.

Work + learnings:

  • Built and designed new interactive website (hxouse.com) in collaboration with the XO design team
  • Built and designed several microsites for new HXOUSE projects (shop.hxouse.com, alyx.hxouse.com, conversations.hxouse.com)
  • Ideated and proposed new tech-focussed programs for creatives
  • Learned how to pitch new ideas and how to think outside the box and push beyond previously held boundaries
hxouse.com landing page
Alyx and HXOUSE microsite
In-HXOUSE Conversations microsite
hxouse.com landing page

Freelance Work

I work with friends on select technology projects for large and small clients alike usually in the form of a creative website or ecommerce store. We like to work with clients in creative industries like fashion, music, and technology.

Work + learnings:

NBA Gleague Ignite NFTs
Seekings ecommerce website
Andras portfolio
NBA Gleague Ignite NFTs

Find me elsewhere: Are.na, Github, Linkedin, Twitter